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designed for the USPS Vehicles
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$ 4.00
Szabo’s Exclusive
Rampage Marquee-Topper
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$ 35.00
Szabo’s exclusive
Legends Ultimate Tron sides and front
Now taking orders
$ 165.00
New control panel overlay
Die cut acrylic reverse printed
Finish off your cabinet with the tron CPO
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$ 85.00
Szabo’s Exclusive
Tron marquee-topper
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$ 95.00
arcade 1up
nba jam topper
Aryclic topper for your 1up cabinet.
All vinyl die-cut
$ 60.00
Limited edition
Arcade1up Rampage
Szabo’s exclusive, comes with signed authenticity card.
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$ 160.00
legends ultimate
multicade art kit
Eclusive Szabo's design
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szabo exclusive
Full Custom art package
This art can be designed to fit several cabs
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$ 385.00
Make your Big Red like new again
Full restore art kit
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$ 320.00
Limited edition
Rampage full size cabinet
Full side concept side art, marquee and topper
Authenticity card included
$ 300.00

professional tip

When applying Side Art

In order to ensure you achieve the best results.  DO NOT use latex based paint.  ~Joe

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Installing Side Art

We buy, sell and restore arcade machines

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Szabo's Arcades has great pride in their products and most items are printed and

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Orders are typically shipping within about 4-6 weeks of purchase date.