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Mortal Kombat 3 Full art kit

$ 334.00

This particular cabinet in photos was fabricated by a great friend and fellow artist & enthusiast on KLOV jp335i. He has spent tons of tedious hours in scanning and cleaning up and making this hands down the highest quality MK3 side art out there. I am extremely honored and lucky for his to share his hard work to me exclusively to provide this now to the community for the true MK collector that expects nothing but the highest level of detail and color matching. This art is printed on Bubble free vinyl with a satin laminate. The marquee I remade with portions of his work and my own and the CPO I scanned from NOS print.


This is the complete remastered art set. Includes

Side art (both sides)

CPO die cut with polycarbonate laminate

Box Art

Translite marquee included.

However, reverse mounted (Ultimate MK 3, only) could be purchased separately at: 


Chose "art set with no marquee" for the discounted price on this full art set. 

  In order to ensure you achieve the best results from these products. When painting your cabinet DO NOT use latex based paint. No mater how long you wait for it to dry the vinyl will not properly adhere, it will eventually lift and/or not stick. I recommend oil based paints or other automotive finishes. 

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